Progress Motion of Acceleration

The precious Wheels of Genesis are the Cosmic Spheres, the great Cosmic Regions. Each Wheel of Genesis reflects the energy pattern Enlivened by that Cosmic Region. There are 27 Great Celestial Regions, 27 Spheres, 27 Wheels, along with one Wheel of Hope.

Each Wheel enlivens the certain set of aspects of Creation, certain qualities of existence. In order to direct the energy of the blessed Mighty Great Star of Genesis along a certain pathway we add 2 particular Wheels of Genesis to the Treatment.

For this treatment select 2 progress wheels from the 9 choices [see below]. In our previous Starburst Treatment, posted on August 21, 2013, two first rays Wheels were used –one to the forehead and the other to the navel, along with a star cell at each location.

Follow the same instructions for the treatment but substitute your choice of 2 progress wheels. Some folks dowse for their choice of color and location.

This information was given by Master Lantos on August 25, 2013

Progress Motion of Acceleration

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Star Burst Treatment Session

The Star Burst treatment uses 2 BioGenesis 1st Rays progress wheels (if you only have 1 place it on the forehead). This particular wheel brings the cosmic expression of FULLNESS, the enlivenment of HEALING. It is considered to be “The Mighty Healer” for it carries the blessings of the Source of Creation. The purpose of this treatment is energy acceleration.

This simple session gives a brilliant burst of the energy. I love doing this in the morning just before starting my action packed day. But it can be done any time of the day. Each time I have had a unique experience. I have learned to wait until I feel that a burst has happened within me before getting off the table. Then I feel a sense of enthusiasm to get going.

My colleagues who have experienced The Star Burst treatment have all felt physically better with more energy…less tired. Some have sensed physical and spiritual transformation while lying on the table.


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