Star Cell Treatment Session

Position under your treatment area, if available, three Chambers of Eternal Light —one at the head, one under the mid-section and one beneath the feet. The presence of three Chambers enlivens the energy pattern of Infinity. If you have only 1 Chamber then add a Super Star Cell under the head and a Super Water cell under the feet.

1. Ring the Bell of Genesis (inviting the presence of the Higher Beings of Light, the Radiant Celestial Beings)

2. Begin the Treatment by holding the BioTranslator and BioAmplifier & say “Enliven in every cell the brilliant process of Genesis Fusion through the presence of the Mighty Great Star of Genesis”.

3. Align the Star Cells. Reserve one Super Cell as the Director and place this on top of the location which you wish to direct the greatest attention to.
……If it is on the left side of the body, use a Super Water Cell,
……if it is on the right side, use the Super Star Cell.

4. Place along the central core of energy the remaining Star Cells. You can use either Super Cells or individual Star Cells. It is very good to apply at least three Star Cells along this central core.
ü      forehead
ü      throat
ü      heart
ü      stomach

If you have additional Super Star Cells, you can hold one in each hand. In the left hand hold the Super Water Cell. In the right, hold the Super Star Cell.

5. Lay like this for at least 10 minutes.

This information was given by Master Lantos on August 7, 2013

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2 responses

  1. I saw a Pagoda swinging like a bird house above my head. It was surrounded by a white veil.
    A seal lay below looking up towards the Pagoda, and saw a vortex.

    Then a circular crystal embedded in my head…

  2. I prayed for all the things I need help with and became conscious of this list.
    Then I went into a semi-dream state and saw a light coming from a distance coming closer and closer. Then it encompassed my body. I went into a deeper relaxed state, and then awoke suddenly. Now I feel very tranquil.


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