A Rose Star Acceleration Treatment

In this message Lantos says that there is a new Light on earth due to the increasing webwork of Star Light.  Because of the amount of Chambers of Eternal Light that are now positioned on every continent the energy level on earth has advanced. As a result certain blessed Beings can now be here that could not have previously. We are ridding the earth of the past residue.  This is a significant accomplishment, a very good confirmation.

This treatment is specific in directing the energy offered by the presence of this new Great Being of the Rose Star–a temporary visitor. The directions are similar to the last post but are specific with the use of the sunrise set of BioGenesis Wheels. It also includes the use of the Wings of Genesis.

This was an exciting message! You can listen to it for a few days by dialing 712.432.1085   and then enter the access code: 142578#.  In a few weeks you can read it with other past messages at… http://bit.ly/16bphNK

For this acceleration treatment, as well as the other treatments, you should lay on a table under the Great Seal of Genesis and also have the Star Chamber(s) underneath you (see information of previous posts for details of layout)

Do this treatment daily, or 2-3 x daily.




One response

  1. After doing the Rose Star treatment, I felt more alive and that I was getting more assistance where I needed the help. It’s a good feeling. D.F.

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