History of BioGenesis

(The following history was written by Gisela Kroeger Hoffman, daughter of Hanna Kroeger, founder of Kroeger Herbs.)

In the early 1970s, Hanna Kroeger began holding services for her Chapel of Miracles in a small chicken shed behind her retreat.  She had started the chapel so that her grandchildren would have a place to learn about God.  Often the simple services were attended only by Hanna’s family and the family of Linda and Bob Demaray.  One Sunday a stranger appeared at the door of the chapel.  He wore a handsome robe, and he approached all present individually and told them the gifts of the Holy Spirit which they possessed.  After the service, he walked up to Linda and told her to believe her eight-year-old daughter, Cindy, when Cindy said she saw things.  He told Linda that Cindy would bring great Light to the world.  Then he vanished; there had been no car in the parking lot for him to take, and the road he might have walked was empty.

“He’s a holy man, he’s a holy man,” Hanna kept saying.  “Listen to him for he is a holy man.”  Linda, her husband and Hanna kept the promise and nurtured Cindy.  Hanna often took her into the gardens to visit with the little people and to talk about the angels Cindy saw.

In October, 1997, after Cindy had married and had two children, a great being appeared in her home, introducing himself as Lantos, an Ascended Master.  He was different from the other Celestial beings which Cindy had grown accustomed to seeing, in that he appeared in a visible, tangible form and spoke directly to Cindy.  In February of 1999, he gave Cindy detailed instructions on how to build a “Genesis” device, a pyramid-shaped device which a Harvard-trained mathematician later verified was designed precisely with the same proportions of the Great Pyramid of Giza.  Lantos said this device would be used to energize various materials, such as glass, which would be used to give Light and healing to the people.

Master Lantos continues to visit Cindy two or three times a week.  He approved, and even redesigned, the glass pieces Cindy obtained from a German glassmaker, and told her the purpose of each piece and how he wanted each piece named and “trained” in the Genesis Device.

During this current time of great transformation we are receiving many blessings and are being shown how to use not only the original BioGenesis Healing Tools but now the advanced Master Tools as well.  So much vast brilliant light is being bestowed.  And for this we are grateful!


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