Using Glory B Flower Essences with BioGenesis Healing Tools in current difficult times

Personally I have felt more inner turmoil in the past 2 days than usual. With the possible military action in Syria coupled with today being 9/11 my inner fears were talking and my body was feeling it.

Today’s posting is to share what I do to cope with these stressful realities.

On 9/10/2001 (the evening before 9/11/2001) I used my BioGenesis® Flame over photos of the planet.  This I would do nightly with the intention that such action would create balance for the world. At that time I felt a lot of stickiness as I rotated the Flame. It was unusually thick. Now I believe I was sensing what was “in the works” for the next day’s events in New York.

On the morning of 9/11/2001, I was awakened with a phone call from a colleague with an urgent message to use the BioOscillator® immediately for the United States. I did that then –and continued for many days.  I also enlisted others to do same.

After an hour of watching the news broadcast of the towers falling down over and over I decided to go to my garden.  I went seeking help.   My eyes so much needed to see something different. Looking at the greenery, beautiful flowers and the overall peaceful environments was what I needed. I had to talk to myself and remind myself that what I saw was my reality.  I was safe and sound.

A few days later this was a message from Master Lantos:

Click to read the message from the Biogenesis Global website

 Now 12 years later I again needed help.  So yesterday and today


  • I used my Glory B Flower Essence, Life is a Breeze.  (This always cheers me up)
  • I slept with the BioGenesis Star Cells under my bed for nightly protection.
  • I drank the elixir made with the Supreme Sequence Star Cell
  • Did the BioGenesis Regeneration Treatment to release the past ( see my posting yesterday for information 9/10/13)

I have to admit that all of this helped. I am so grateful for these wonderful gifts of support that I have in my life.  We all need healing and protection.

Many blessing and peace!


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