Star Light Acceleration According to Color

This technique uses a set of 3 BioGenesis Wheels of the same color to create a bridge of Light.  This will create a physical balance within your physical structure.

It is beneficial to be lying on a table under the Great Seal of Genesis and also to have the Star Chamber(s) underneath (see information of previous posts for details of layout)



One response

  1. I saw crystaline light forms –in golden pinkish color mixed and changing form. The vortexes (chakras) were being opened to let Light come in.

    When a man and a woman create a child it’s a point of pure Light merging with Light. That is Creation… It is an amazing thing that happens. New life is pure Light.

    We can use this pure Light to create anything we would with the Light, and we can heal ourselves with the Light.

    So the more we can bring Light in, the more we can heal ourselves. I should bring in the Light as often as possible –on a regular basis.

    I saw small crystaline Light forms in my spine and liver-gallbladder (my current areas of weakness). Light began to penetrate. Light of creation.


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